Major Reasons Why You Should Immigrate to Canada with Your Family
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Major Reasons Why You Should Immigrate to Canada with Your Family


Major Reasons Why You Should Immigrate to Canada with Your Family


See Major reasons why many parents immigrate to developed countries is to secure the future of their families. It can be difficult to achieve this dream if they remain in their home country.


Canadian provinces are safe and ideal for raising children. Another thing is that the standard of education in the country is unmatchable.

See Factors to consider when moving your family to Canada

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Canada tops the list of the best countries to live as a family.

1.  Education

If you’re planning to settle in Quebec, make sure that your children are proficient in French instead of mastering only the English language. This will give them a better chance of attending the best schools.

The education system in Canada is sponsored by the Federal government. It should be noted that the school system varies from province to province.

2.  Healthcare

Permanent residents in Canada often enjoy the best health insurance programs. You can either opt for a plan provided by the government or that of your company, especially if it’s a big firm. These plans are made available by the government.

Although they won’t cover additional medical services, you will only pay a small fee at the end of the day

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Be rest assured that you will have access to the best health care services even if you choose only free medical care. Some of the perks of becoming a permanent resident include counseling for people battling with mental health issues and a year of maternity leave for nursing mothers.

3.  Safety

Canada is far safer when compared to countries such as the US. The low crime rate in the country makes it a perfect country to start or raise a family. It’s advisable to choose Calgary, Alberta, Ottawa, Ontario or Vancouver, British Columbia if you prioritize security.



4.  Employment opportunities

Taking care of a family requires a stable source of income. Both skilled and unskilled immigrants have access to different employment opportunities in Canada. You can even secure a job before moving into the country to avoid any financial constraints.

5.  Civil liberties

Canada is a progressive country that welcomes people with a different set of beliefs, cultures, and religions. A permanent resident has unrestricted access to information which is rare in some countries.

Without gainsaying, civil liberties have contributed to the happiness of many Canadian citizens and permanent residents. You and your family will be able to adjust easily once you’ve considered the factors above and made adequate preparation.

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Challenges are inevitable when moving to a new country and it’s important to be mentally prepared. Avoid setting unrealistic expectations and communicate effectively with your loved ones.  Let them know that their opinions will play a huge role in achieving a smooth transition.

You can work with immigration consultants whether you have any immigration experience or not. They will offer insight into the best immigration program for you and your family. The Canadian government values reuniting families and place great importance on maintaining the family unit. There are several instances where an individual who is a citizen or permanent resident sponsored their family members into the country.

If you’re going through this route, then you should try the family class visa. This type of program will allow you to sponsor your children, spouse or adopted children. Another option is to bring your parents or grandparents into the country with a super visa.



Traveling solo for study or work is less complicated but that’s not the case with relocating to another country with a family. Doing your due diligence will help you avoid certain pitfalls and reduce unnecessary strain on your family.

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