Best Demanding Jobs For Canada Immigrants
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Best Demanding Jobs For Canada Immigrants

Canada Jobs

Best Demanding Jobs For Canada Immigrants

Immigrating to Canada and getting a job in Canada are two different things altogether. Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants on yearly basis, amongst this list, are skilled and sometimes unskilled immigrants allowed to immigrates with their loved ones.

Securing a job would naturally be a priority to serious minded Canada immigrants.

Best Jobs for Immigrants in Canada is sought after by intending immigrants. While you’re considering working in Canada, you ought to be aware of most of the advantages that come with it, such as excellent average income, a good work-life balance, and up to 25 paid vacation days per year. Most essentially, you should research the best jobs for immigrants in Canada before relocating to the country.

Best Jobs for Immigrants in Canada


What Are the Best Jobs for Immigrants in Canada?

The basic explanation is that in-demand occupations are the best jobs for immigrants in Canada. When a job is in high demand, it might make the process of relocating to Canada a bit easier. This is because there are many employment prospects, and certain visa programs, such as the Provincial Nominee Program, which allows you to pick whatever province you want to work in.

Occupations In-Demand in Canada

If you really want to improve your chances of finding work in Canada, the coolest thing you can do is apply for a job where there is a labor shortage. This would eliminate the need to immigrate to Canada and struggle to find work.

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Applying for occupations that are part of pilot programs like the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is another fantastic method to guarantee you apply for the best jobs for immigrants in Canada.

In Demand-Jobs In Canada
NOC Code Jobs Title Average Salary CAD
1414 Receptionist $31,304
3012 Registered Nurse $77,603
4163 Accountant $59,100
6411 Sales Associate $52,277
7242 Industrial Electrician $83,671
7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic $82,864
7327 Welder $73,054
7611 General Labourer $47,678

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) is a community-driven initiative aimed at bolstering the economies of Canada’s smallest towns. Foreign citizens will be able to apply for opportunities advertised by Canadian companies in the participating communities. If accepted, applicants will be allowed to live and work in Canada as permanent residents.


The RNIP provides you with a significant edge because it informs you of jobs that are in high demand in Canadian communities. This also responds to the question, “What are the best jobs in Canada for immigrants?”.

Eligibility for The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

You must fulfill all of the following IRCC requirements to be eligible for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program:

  1. Have worked in a qualifying position or graduated from a publicly financed post-secondary school in the recommended community;
  2. Satisfies or exceeds the linguistic criteria
  3. The educational prerequisites are met or exceeded;
  4. Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to assist your integration into the community;
  5. You must plan to reside in the community for which you have been suggested, as well as satisfy the community’s unique standards.
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How Does The RNIP Process Works?


Under this pilot, there are four phases to applying for permanent residency in Canada:

  1. Both the IRCC qualifying standards and the community-specific conditions must be met.
  2. Find a qualifying employment with one of the member communities’ employers;
  3. Once you’ve received a job offer, submit your application to the community for review; and
  4. Apply for permanent residency if you are successful and a community endorses you.
  5. Additional qualifying conditions, job search processes, and community recommendation application processes will be in place in each of the above-mentioned participating communities.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Another excellent option for immigrants to work in Canada is through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP). This program is for qualified professionals who desire to settle in one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces permanently. Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island are the four provinces.


The AIPP fills positions in the Atlantic that can’t be filled locally; candidates might be in Canada on a temporary visa or residing overseas at the time of application.

The AIPP offers three programs, two of which are geared toward skilled workers:

  1. Atlantic High-Skilled Program;
  2. Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program; and
  3. Atlantic International Graduate Program.

What jobs are in demand for immigrants in the Atlantic provinces?


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In-Demand Jobs For Immigrants In The Atlantic Provinces
Provinces NOC Code/Jobs
Newfoundland and Labrador NOC 3113 – Dentist
NOC 7452 – Material Handlers
NOC 6552 – Contact Centre Agent
NOC 9463 – Industrial Butchers
New Brunswick NOC 6541 – Safety Guard
NOC 7154 – Delivery Workers
NOC 8431 – General Farm Workers
NOC 9463 – Fish and Seafood Plant Workers
Nova Scotia NOC 7511 – Transport Truck Driver
NOC 3112 – Family Physicians
NOC 7521 – Heavy Equipment Operators
NOC 3413 – Nurse Aides, Orderlies and Patient Service Associates
Prince Edward Island NOC 7511 – Long Haul Truck Drivers
NOC 3413 – Licensed Nursing Assistants
NOC 8431 – General Farm Workers
NOC 4412 – Home Support Workers



Benefits of Working in Canada as an Immigrant

For starters, Canada has a higher standard of living and was ranked first in the world for quality of life. Aside from that, you and your family will receive a range of medical advantages. Even during the epidemic, Canada’s economy has maintained a steady growth rate.

When it comes to the advantages of working in Canada, the list is endless. Instead, explore how to immigrate to Canada, to determine if you qualify, especially now that you’ve learned about the best jobs for immigrants in Canada.

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